Hawke’s Bay. The oldest wine region in New Zealand. An exciting place to make wine. Grapes from a region that offers such a rich abundance of topography, soils, climate and heritage.

Hawke’s Bay Wine Co

Hawke’s Bay Wine Company has been established by the Three Friends and Rod McDonald to process wine for customers throughout New Zealand. It has 5 winemakers and over 9 million litres of storage and winemaking capacity. Based in Pandora close to the Port of Napier it is the home base of the Ka Tahi business.


Ka Tahi has leveraged its half ownership of Te Awanga Estate to gain access to some of Hawke’s Bays most esteemed properties and most skilled viticulturists.


Toward the end of Kereru Road this Vineyard sits on an ancient riverbed formed by the Ngaruroro. The gravels deposited by the river are now covered by a layer of topsoil accumulated over the years after the river changed course.

The vineyards inland location affords very different conditions to our other locations and gives us ideal conditions for Sauvignon Blanc (used in our Sparkling wine), Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris.  Te Awanga operate this vineyard as an organic block to give the fruit a flavour that genuinely reflects its origins. It is 100% Bio Gro certified.

Te Awanga

Right on the Pacific this stunning Vineyard enjoys a maritime climate with moderate even temperatures and gentle sea breezes.

The topsoil is a volcanic loess overlying deep gravels which sit above an undulating clay pan.

Difficult geography for anything other than grapes – which can undergo the annual battle with these elements to provide bright acidity and flavour concentration.

From Te Awanga, Ka Tahi sources its Merlot and Chardonnay fruit.

Gimblett Gravels

Apart from the Te Awanga Vineyards Ka Tahi also has an ongoing agreement with a Gimblett Gravel vineyard for supply of its Syrah and Malbec fruit requirement.

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