I’ve had the pleasure of conducting many wine tastings since part acquiring Ka Tahi and Rangatira Wines over 6 years ago. Conversing with you all one of the questions that frequently comes up is: what is the difference between Syrah and Shiraz?
Truth be told, Syrah and Shiraz are one and the same grape. Its origins can be traced to the Northern Rhone in France about 2000 years ago where it was first known as Syrah.
When cuttings were taken into Australia in the 1830’s, growers were amazed at how vigorously the grapes grew! They also discovered that the plant could make a riper, heavier and higher alcohol wine than the traditional old world cool climate style of its French origins.
The Aussies called it Shiraz because something was lost in translation. Or maybe to create a more Australian sounding term, as they tend to do with most language new to them! The name Shiraz has now come to represent the style of wine produced in warmer climate growing regions.
Hawke’s Bay produces the more refined and leaner Syrah style wine. Floral, peppered, spicy and with berry and plum flavours it is without doubt a rising star in the world of wine. 
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Rhone Valley. Image sourced from Peter Gorges/Flickr

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