At Ka Tahi, we take pride in caring for the land that is our home. We work together with our community of growers and winemakers here at Hawke’s Bay Wine Co, to craft beautiful wines that reflect the land they come from. We are proud that our winery has been BioGro certified since 2014, and most of our vineyards are BioGro certified, or working towards that goal. Our vineyards and winery also have Sustainable Winegrowing NZ Certification.

What does that all mean?

BioGro Certification
Organic growing is about more than just being ‘spray-free’ – BioGro certification is a yearly assessment ensuring that the long term health of our land is taken care of, including waterways, soil and pest control. Our wines do not rely on pesticides, fertiliser, or synthetic preservatives/additives. It also means the grapes used in our wines can be traced back to the land they came from, and that our chosen packaging minimizes environmental impact. This ensures our wine is good for you, the land, and our community.



Sustainable Winegrowing NZ
Around 95% of New Zealand Vineyards, and 90% of NZ’s Wineries are Sustainable Winegrowing NZ accredited, making a powerful statement about NZ winegrowing to the rest of the world. The six focus areas are: Soil, Water, Plant Protection, Waste, People and Climate Change. Regular assessments ensure that vineyards and our winery are up-to-date with the guidelines for best sustainability practices. We are proud to be able to say that our Ka Tahi wines have sustainable production certification from ‘grape to glass’.


If you would like to know more about the land our grapes come from – please see our ‘Real Estate’ page.


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