Intrepid Leader

Wayne Leadbetter

Wayne has been appointed CEO of Ka Tahi because Danny and Amal think he consumes more than his fair share of the wine.  Wayne has enjoyed working in banking and investment, farming, packaged food, and fast food, but says his career is now terminal at wine.
He believes that Hawke’s Bay has everything to offer wine drinkers thanks to great resources and a wealth of varied and outstanding terroir. He wants Ka Tahi to be a reflection of the potential that Hawke’s Bay presents to the world as a fountain of great wines.

Winemaking Yoda

Rod McDonald

Rod is the CEO of Hawke’s Bay Wine Investments.
As a high achieving winemaker and passionate believer in the greatness of Hawke’s Bay wine, Rod has a special place in his heart for Ka Tahi.
He oversees the winemaking and ensures that the considerable skills of the HBWC team are applied liberally to its creations.


Kathy Compton-Beyer

Kathy is the founding salesperson at Ka Tahi and looks after Hawke’s Bay business.
She moves at great speed and is a force of nature when it comes to getting in front of customers. Kathy will stand in for Wayne when he’s not around. If you can’t find Wayne – just ask Kathy.

Auckland Stirrer

Debs Campbell

Debs is the newest to the Ka Tahi team and has set alight the businesses profile in Auckland.
Debs is not one to settle for the status quo – she really loves to mix it up.


Sarah Jarvis

Sarah has moved to Taihape where she is the Territory Chief Executive and Senior Sales Representative.
She has also taken on the online business and wine-club development role – projects she thinks she can manage with 4 boys under 10 in the house.


Madhiha Khan

Madhiha keeps the records and tells the team when they are out of line.
Someone has to keep order – even in a circus.

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